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yoga & meditation

the journey

My practice has changed and evolved a lot since I first started practicing yoga in 2012. One of the things I cherish most about these practices is that they have the ability to meet you wherever you are at. If change is the only constant, yoga has been and continues to be a mirror and a reflection to my life. It ebbs and flows and it’s been a beautiful journey seeing where it goes…

The first time I took a yoga class, I felt so awkward and uncomfortable in my body and with the experience. (A gentle reminder that we all start somewhere). I stayed open and curious about the practice, especially when yoga started to alleviate nearly all of my lower back pain (which was brought on by a minor car accident in 2008 and some abnormalities in my spine) and it gave me an opportunity to quiet my thoughts that were usually on overdrive and quite self-critical. 

I became more and more comfortable in my own skin and further explored my spirituality, something I had previously avoided or rebelled against. I spent most of my 20’s traveling, living abroad, and working in the wine industry. Eventually settling in San Francisco in 2018, yoga became my physical, emotional, and mental safe haven from a stressful, fast-paced work and city environment. The more I committed to my practice, the more I could approach my days and difficult situations at work or in my personal life with ease, just as I did on my mat.


I noticed profound changes in my life and alongside therapy and coaching, my personal yoga and meditation practice eventually helped heal many spiritual and creative wounds I carried. My spirituality and creativity flourished after years of being stagnant. A greater sense of clarity, self-awareness, and compassion (for myself and for others) emerged.

I loved connecting with people at my luxury hospitality job but I was craving something…deeper and more meaningful. I set the intention to become a yoga teacher to help others on their healing journey, creating spaces free of judgement for greater exploration, awareness, and expression for all bodies and levels.

My 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2020 was the seed that led to a blossoming curiosity of yoga, meditation, breath and energy work, and other healing modalities. I offer weekly opportunities to practice with me in-person or livestream, private or group instruction, and host workshops. In my classes, you can expect a holistic approach honoring the lineage of yoga with thoughtfully planned sequences / meditations, intentional themes, and eclectic playlists. 

Thanks for being apart of this journey with me!

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  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training | Kula Collective

  • 50-hour Yin Yoga Training | Loka Yoga School

  • 10-hour Meditation Training | Loka Yoga School

  • Reiki Level 1&2 | Astrid Castellanos, La Federación Española de Reiki


weekly restorative

Tuesdays 6pm PST | In-Studio or Live Stream
Guerneville, CA, USA

Give yourself the gift of slowing down with restorative yoga.  Postures are held for a long period of time and supported by a meditative setting allowing you to release and ease tension.  Various levels of each pose will be offered with or without the use of props to accommodate all levels and amount of gentleness desired.  This is an excellent class if you are working with any limitations &/or looking for a tool to help quiet the mind and have a more meditative experience.


private + Group instruction

Whether you are just getting curious about how yoga, meditation, and breathwork might benefit you on your healing journey, you want to deepen your existing practice, or you have another specific goal in mind, I can customize 1:1 or group session or series just for you! 


(including but not limited to...) 


different styles of yoga (vinyasa, power, yin, restorative) for all levels & goals
meditation, &/or breathwork fundamentals

corporate meditation

special events & occasions
joint & muscle recovery for athletes (yin yoga is great for this!)
injury-informed yoga
techniques for relaxation & stress-reduction
move with the moon (astrology-based theme or sequence)
yoga en español
chair yoga

yoga nidra


Not sure exactly where to start or don't see what you have in mind? Let's connect so I can figure out best how I can best serve you. 

what you'll need

A preferably quiet place to practice and a device to stream from


Click the link below to send me an email at and I would be happy to create a class or series for you and provide you with a quote. 



Lehshel is a really inviting and calming spiritual facilitator / yoga teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her group new moon circles, her guided journaling sessions and yoga classes. I especially love her restorative style of yoga practice, allowing us to move at our own pace to beautifully curated playlists!

- Marlee S.

With her gentle and sincere compassionate nature, Lehshel fosters a safe and secure container for participants to practice yoga. I've joined her yin and restorative classes numerous times and have felt completely at ease before, during and after classes as one should when practicing yoga. She offers just the right amount of instruction balanced with silence and space to allow students to immerse in their practice. Thanks Lehshel! ♡"

- KIM R.

My husband and I started working with Lehshel because we wanted a restorative yoga class that was located near our home. After attending her first session, we were convinced that we’d found exactly what we were looking for. After each session, we feel serene, relaxed, and refreshed. We love the way that Lehshel utilizes a variety of props and provides occasional opportunities for meditation, sound bathing, and inspirational readings. Already, we have recommended this class to interested friends who are looking for an opportunity to participate on-line. We wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Lehshel’s yoga sessions.

- cindy t.

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